Here’s your weekly insight that has helped me discover many joy’s on my path to success.  It is a quick five minutes and I hope you find as much joy from the video as I had in making it.

The Algebra Of Happiness

Here’s the full video of “The Algebra of Happiness” as well as a summary of the key points.  Which points resonate the most with you?  Reply to this email and let me know as I plan on diving deeper into a few of these topics next week. 

The Arc of Happiness
“As you age, the stress of building a life you totally deserve takes a toll on you”
“Happiness waits for you” 

  1. Looking at balance..not in days, but in years or weeks
    • If you want to set yourself up for life, work hard, very hard, for 5-10 years
      • During this time, you will have zero social life and no balance.  BUT, the pay-off is if you do it right you can have all the time to do the other things later
  2. Work, Partner, Friends
    • A partner is the best and most important thing
    • You will be happier if you have a partner you can share the ups and downs with  
      • Based on passion, values and money
  3. Zip Code & Credentials 
    • Where you live matters!!
  4. Money and Happiness
    • Take note of the things that give you joy and satisfaction
  5. Compound Interest
    • Invest early!!
  6. Find your Gorilla
    • This changes from being young to old
  7. Equity = Wealth
    • Invest in passive income!!
  8. Alcohol
    • This predicted unhappiness more than anything else
  9. Things vs. Experiences
    • Overestimate things and underestimate experiences
  10. A Good Death
    • Providing comfort for someone you love at the end of their life
  11. Happiness = Family
    • Raising kids with someone you love begins to answer questions like, “Why am I here?”
  12. Success = Resilience/Failure
    • Ability to mourn and then move on
  13. Nothing is ever as good or as bad as it seems
    • Recognizing the end of life focuses you on loving, forgiving and finding your Gorilla  

Be great,
Love Jake! 

Jake Herbert

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