In this week’s quick video we go over the answer to ‘The difference between the student and the master’ as well as dive into the feedback we got from some of you. This principle alone will take you to levels you never thought possible.

The Difference Between The Student And The Master

This is one of my favorite articles on the subject.

What is the difference between the gold medalist figure skater and the silver medalist figure skater?

The gold medalist figure skater has fallen a few thousand more times than the silver medalist.

Success is going from failure to failure with enthusiasm, the faster you fail the quicker you will succeed.

Don’t forget, reply below with your definition of failure, as we will touch on the topics of failure and worrying.

Check out Scott Gorvett’s answer to last week’s question ‘What is the difference between the student and the master’ below!


Jake Herbert


Greeting from a friend in DC…..I reviewed this… you tube video and I do find it powerful and hope the message is working for you and others.

AS for Master versus Student….my points below…should the help you or others!

The Master expects the student to fail, while the student does not understand either success or failure. The student must balance both success and failure as a poor winner or poor looser is considered a failure of the master. Further, someone who does not fail is not attempting enough failure.

The Masters understands it is not about the fail, or the rate of the fail, it is the pursuit of the attempt, the expectation of the fall and at what rate may the Master retrain the student to get up & get re-organized to get back up and also to capture the knowledge while going back for the pursuit of the journey.

The Master works with the student so when he is gone, and in the arena, he is proud to have seen this effort, the grind to success and honest attempt in failure. Further, it is this critical eye toward both that sets the stage for the master and life in the big game we play while all of us are on the planet.

It is this, above that I believe that when on media people name their master as a speaking point. As not to focus on what was news worthy, the interview but that I had a great master along the way….. As you would call it….throwing up your hands in success.

Good Luck & good Question,

Scott Gorvett

Jake Herbert

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