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Habits Vs. Goals

"Winning is a habit, unfortunately losing is too." - Vince Lombardi Balancing Work-Life Expectations Having goals is essential, but it is our habits that define our destiny. Developing the right habits can pave the way to accomplishing what you most desire. Below is a...

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Are Your Dreams Worth Chasing?

Right now there are a few NCAA wrestlers left chasing the dream of becoming a champion in 2019. The final matches are happening tonight! If you watch you'll see heartbreaks, tears of joy & adversity. Are your dreams worth chasing? Leave a reply with your long term...

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Standards Are MORE IMPORTANT Than Goals

What would someone need to pay you to have a day's worth of your time? Would the price be the same 10 years ago? As time passes your skills and experiences in life have raised the standard of how much your time is worth to you. Standards Are MORE IMPORTANT Than Goals...

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