A Goal Smashing Course Using My Simple Success System, be one of the few who do in 2019!

Created and applied daily, by Jake Herbert

-Performance Coach and US Olympian

This course has been created specifically to teach you how to build your life by design.   After completion you will be able to identify your goal, lay out your success path with the necessary action steps to ensure you are in the best position to smash your goal!  This simple success system can be applied to achieving any outcome, be one of the few who do, not one of the many who want to. 

Learn to Perform

After completing this course you can expect the following

  • Learn a proven system to build  and design your life by design
  • Identify exactly what it is you want to achieve
  • Discover your big why that drives you
  • Set “SMARTER” goals so you know you can and will achieve them
  • Lay out your success plan so you know and have the steps to take 
  • Track and see yourself get closer each week to your goal
  • Apply this system to anything you want to achieve and use it again and again

Why would you buy this course and what brought you here?

You crave something don’t you? Do you desire to be more, to do more, to have more than you did in 2018?  If you didn’t desire more, you would be here searching for ways to improve.   Improvement takes action,  If you do what you have always done you will get what you have always gotten.  Nothing grows in your comfort zone.  

You are going to need help to get what you want. Many hands make light work, and when you are looking to make a massive change in your life, learning from others who have done it and having them help you will give you a greater chance of success.  

Life isn’t just going to magically give you want you want. Crap in one hand pray in the other, see what fills up first as my dad always said.  You have to go earn it. Being ready doesn’t matter. You will never be completely ready to take the jump.  Life’s street lights will never align all green.  Do you know what matters most?  What can almost 100% guarantee you success, being committed! Being committed matters more than being ready.

So are you committed to showing up every day ? Anything worth while can not be complete in just one day.  You need total commitment to show up day after day after day.  By showing up continuously you will making progress towards your desired outcome. Having a “whatever it takes” level of commitment is key to achieving any outcome. If something is truly worth doing “whatever it takes” then showing up is the easy part.  The amount of time it will take should not matter!

I will help you to stick with your commitment even when you don’t feel like it.  I will help you to work more efficiently towards what it is you want.  It is what I do best, I leave people, places and things better than I found them.   I am looking forward to helping you, just as others have helped me!

Jake Herbert

Instructor – Olympian – Coach


Why can I teach this course and system?

I have been using this system for over two decades.  I had huge goals like straight A’s, earning a college scholarship  winning a state championship.  I was able to achieve all of my goals through daily commitment to this system.  This same system helped me to graduate from Northwestern University,  win 3 world medals, 8 US national titles, make the 2012 Olympic team, help build several successful business and build the family of my dream.  I know with my help, you will go further faster.  What I have done is learned a success system which can be applied to every and any area of life you wish to improve.  

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