The Simple Success System… A Goal Smashing Course

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After completing this course you can expect the following

  • Learn a proven system to build  and design your life by design
  • Identify exactly what it is you want to achieve
  • Discover your big why that drives you
  • Set “SMARTER” goals so you know you can and will achieve them
  • Lay out your success plan so you know and have the steps to take
  • Track and see yourself get closer each week to your goal
  • Apply this system to anything you want to achieve and use it again and again


Why are goals so Important?

Goals give a purpose. 

They give us something to aim at and this is much needed in life. Have you ever spoken to someone who has no purpose in life? I bet you didn’t speak to them for a long time, a person who has no purpose is just sad. Life is about finding meaning, having a purpose, and so much more.

Step 1: Knowing what you want.

Make it smart, but this is not about getting smarter

Having something to aim at is key. In life, when you are working towards something that excites you and has you waking up everyday ecstatic to start the day, that means it has meaning. That is our purpose and that is what brings us all joy.

Step 2: Your Big Why

More important than knowing what you want is why do you want it? What is your big why?


What will you do this week to move closer to what you want?

The Domino Effect

What is the one thing that if you didn’t do would make everything else easier or non essential?

Step 4: When will you do these 3 action items?

Planning your week in advance has been a game changing part of my life. 

  • Every Sunday I pull out my calendar and plan my week with my wife. We put our big rock in the week first the things we have to get done, fill in our time with each other and kids, then work and everything else falls into play. See the bonus weekly planning video at the end in additional links.

Why are goals so Important.

Successful people do daily what unsuccessful people do occasionally. 

The 4 steps in the Simple Success System.

Jake Herbert

Jake Herbert

Why can I teach this course and system?

I have been using this same system for two decades. At first I wanted straight A’s, a college scholarship and a state title. And I was able to achieve all three through daily commitment to this system. Every day I would do just a little bit to move closer to those goals and it turns out little-by-little adds up to a lot. This same system helped me win world medals and eight national titles, make the 2012 Olympic team, build a successful business and find my wife. I know if you stick to this and are truly committed, you will achieve what you set out to achieve and maybe more. It is in fact a system, and learning the system is key for success.

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