The Simple Success System… Your Goal Smashing Course

This course has been created specifically for you in order to help you identify your goals, establish a clear and specific path and take the necessary steps in order to get you from where you are right now, to exactly where you expect to be!

Why are goals so Important?

If you don’t know where you are going how will you get there? If you are not working towards achieving your goals chances are you are going to work (or may already be working) to help someone else complete their goal. Once they have completed their goals you better hope they plan to stay around or you will be shit out of luck. If you don’t have any goals, well I don’t have to worry about that b/c driven people who seek this out and read this have goals. Goals give up purpose. They give us something to aim at and this is a much needed in life. Have you ever spoken to someone who has no purpose in life? I bet you didn’t speak to them for long, a person who has no purpose is just sad, life is about finding meaning, having purpose, and so much more.

The sooner you find your purpose and the sooner you define it, the clearer everything else will become. A life without a purpose is a life without a destination. If you want to dive into this any more read the book Man’s search for meaning by Viktor Frankl

This class is going to teach you the system to get anything you desire. When it comes to getting anything it’s simple. This system and these 4 steps will change you life. If you complete them and work them daily! Let me repeat that, in order for this system to work you need to complete the 4 steps daily, not all day, but every day. Daily.

This is simple not easy. Anything worth anything in life is going to be hard, think of earning something great vs just being handed something? The more we sacrifice and work for something the more we are going to appreciate it. Knowing what to do and actually doing it is the main difference between success and failure.

Successful people do daily what unsuccessful people do occasionally. Again worth repeating. Successful people do daily what unsuccessful people do occasionally.

Notice the daily and occasionally, so again, use this system every day and you will have put yourself in the best position to get anything and everything you want.

You have to do all 4 steps or it won’t matter, it may take some time to figure out what you want and need to do in every step, and that is fine, success is progress not perfection. Once you have all 4 identified just continue to repeat the system every single day and you will be surprised the amount of progress you make in a few short weeks.

The 4 steps in the simple success system..

  1. Knowing what you want
  2. Knowing why you want it
  3. Knowing what the next 3 action steps you will do this week
  4. Knowing when you will do these 3 action steps.

I am telling you, do this for 6 weeks and I can 100% guarantee you will make more progress towards you goal than most do in an entire year. Make sure you phrase these as questions What do you want, Why do you want it, what is the one thing I can do now to move me closer to what I want, when will i work on or do that one thing.

Step 1: Knowing what you want, make it smart, no get smarter..

Having something to aim at is key. In life when you are working towards something, or have something that excites you, something that has you waking up everyday like ecstatic, that is meaning, that is purpose and that is what brings us joy. If you don’t know what you want, just spend time thinking about what you would do with your time if money was no issue. Think about it like this you have your house, food, insurance all paid for the rest of your life. What do you do with your time? (Don’t say move to a beach and party, you will still need to do something after a month of doing nothing. Trust me it loses its fun after some time off. What would you do, who would you help, how would you make yourself and the world better? Remember a life without a purpose is a life without a destination.

What you want? Your goal needs to be a smart goal. This is an acronym as we go into below. Most people never hit their goals because they are not clear. They set goals like I want to be richer, happier, healthier, ect. Those are not good examples of goals and impossible to his because of how vague they are. What makes me happier might in fact make you want to die! If you want to be healthier eat an apple there you are healthier, if you want to weigh 150 pounds now we are moving in the right direction.

So your goals should meet the following criteria. SMART Goal

They have to be SMART Goals.

S – Specific – I want more money vs I want to make $100,000

M – Measurable and Meaningful – you can’t manage what you can’t measure, and if it’s doesn’t mean something to you why would you sacrifice to get it? I would work kinda hard to make $100 as that is not going to change my life, but to build something that can make me $100 a day for the rest of my life..I’ll put blood sweat and tears into that.

A – Achievable – if you never made 1 million before how will you do it in the next 3 months, or you never played a game of high school basketball but want to be in the NBA and your well into your 30’s. Make sure your goal is achievable with what you have now. (Side note, just because something isn’t achievable to you now docent mean it can’t be later. Example you never ran a day in your life goal should be a 5K before you build up to marathon)

R – Realistic, I want to be able to travel back in time, or fly to the moon like superman. Kinda goes with achievable but it needs to be something that can actually be done.

T – Time sensitive, because a goal without a date is just a dream. I will be able to do 50 pushups by March 6, 2019.

Example of a goal that is not smart. I want to be healthier. What does that mean? How do you know if you are healthier and so many other ways to pick this gaol appart.

Example of a smart goal, I want to be able to run a 1/2 marathon under 2 house by March 25, 2019. This hits it all as long as it’s Achievable and Realistic for you.

Most never take the time to set SMART goals, so that is why many never actually achieve their goals. To take it a step further once you know you have a smart goal, (email it to me and I will ensure it is a SMART Goal.

Take it to the level by creating even SMARTER goal. SMART still applies but now add on the ER E- Evaluate – How did I do, how much effort did I put in

R-Readjust. – What do I need to do different, more of or less of.

Evaluation and readjusting are key to this cycle, as many times you might not hit your goal in the time frame you set. This is ok, it happens to us all, just evaluate what could you have done more of or different and then adjust to make it happen.

Once you have your SMARTER goal set you will need to write it out every single day.

Why is writing your goals down important? What is the importance of seeing your smart goals daily? Well, if you don’t have the discipline to sit and write, put pen to paper, what you want

daily, what makes you think you will be able to have the discipline to take the action to achieve your goal?

Plans are worthless but planning is everything.

Step 2: More important than knowing what you want is why do you want it? What is your big why?

See the links at the end about Viktor Frankl man search for meaning and Buster Douglas Big Why.

Knowing your why is everything, what is this smart goal meaningful or important to you? Here is a tip if you are not willing to DIE FOR YOU WHY if you are not then it’s not your why. Your why needs to be so strong that no matter what gets in front of you having that big why will give you the courage, the energy, the resilience to continue on day after day! This is your larger than life commitment.

You why will change it will adjust it will shift but it should always drive you! It doesn’t matter what your why is but what matters is the energy and dive you get from thinking about that why.

This big why took me a long time to figure out and when I got it in 2012, it then shifted and is completely different now for 2018/2019. I am a father, a husband and I would do anything to make sure my family is going to have everything they need and deserve. Yes I would die for them, and trust me I am very very hard to kill.

If you have a strong enough why, you can overcome any how!

Step 3: What 3 key action items will you do this week to move closer to what you want!

Lead domino to your goal, what is the one thing that If I did not would make everything else easier or non essential. I love asking myself that question when I complete a task and I am looking for my next task. I always start with the end in mind, then work backward to where I am right now. That shows me the path and the action steps needed in order to achieve my goal. what is the action item.

Relate this to driving like when you go out on a roadtrip to Florida from Michigan. You know the end where you want to go to, you can’t see it but you know the first road that leads to the next road so on and so forth.

By selecting just the next 3 items we need to do, we don’t get overwhelmed by having to do so many things, and by setting it up to do these 3 items every week, we can make sure we are progressing toward our end destination.

Now this last part is the one that everyone skips, but it is the most important one, so don’t skip it and take this one the to heart, if you do not do step 4 nothing gets done.

Step 4: When will you do these 3 action items?

Planning your week in advance has been a game changing part of my life. Every sunday I pull out my calendar and plan my week with my wife. We put our big rock in the week first the things we have to get done, fill in our time with each other and kids, then work and everything else falls into play. See the bonus weekly planning video at the end in additional links.

If you have ever heard of Time Blocking, do it, if you have not, all time blocking is is putting something on your calendar and then sticking to it. For example for a dentist or doctor appointment you put it in your calendar, and if it is for Wednesday from 3pm-5pm, you don’t schedule a game of basketball or dinner at that time as you have your appointment. The hardest part about time blocking is sticking to what is on the calendar and not overclocking your time. The goal should be to time block about 60-80% of your day no more. Trust me on this one, things run over, you need breaks and it is better this way. Try it yourself.

I know I was going to shoot this video at this time, nothing outside a huge emergency would stop this from happening. If you don’t place a time to work on the 3 items you are going to do every week you will never get around to it. So put it on the calendar, and stick to it, find someone who can help and hold you accountable to sticking to your time block.

Lets Review:

  • You need to know what you want, without that, without a purpose you are living life for someone else.
  • You need a strong why, one that you would fight and die for.
  • Your goals need to be SMART-ER goals.
  • You need to write them down, Daily and along with the 4 steps of the simple success system.
  • Email me your goals with the subject line “What is the 5th step” and you will get the bonus of extreme accountability

Your goals are going to set to the level of people you currently interact with.

Thank you for taking your time to learn from me. I hope you were able to get as much out of this as I got making this video

Reach me 24/7 at or visit my webpage

I help people both personally and professionally improve their business and lives.

How you can help me, share this class and your experience with others you think would benefit most from this.

Let me know if you are anyone is is looking to buy/sell/or invest in real estate or get their real estate license. I also have mastermind courses I run visit for more info and stay hungry my friends. Thank you for taking the time to invest in yourself.

Extra Links: Please email me as these articles and videos below have had a huge impact on me and this course. 

Buster Douglas Big Why

Weekly Planning Video

Smarter Goals

240 min is the difference between the successful and unsuccessful

Step 5: Bonus Content

There is a 5th step if you want to do this, and if you want that step you have to email me with the subject line.. What is the 5th Step. I will email it back over to you.

Jake Herbert


Why can I teach this course and system?

I have been using this same system for two decades. At first I wanted straight A’s, a college scholarship and a state title. And I was able to achieve all three through daily commitment to this system. Every day I would do just a little bit to move closer to those goals and it turns out little-by-little adds up to a lot. This same system helped me win world medals and eight national titles, make the 2012 Olympic team, build a successful business and find my wife. I know if you stick to this and are truly committed, you will achieve what you set out to achieve and maybe more. It is in fact a system, and learning the system is key for success.

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